"This summer has been one of the most unique and special compared to all of the others. Everyone in this community shows so much love, care, and support for one another and that is truly memorable and amazing. I felt really safe during my stay at Assisi, and wanted to thank the wonderful staff in this community. This festival taught me so much not only in music, but what kind of person I want to be. Everyone inspired one another, and the kindess in all was incredible.  I feel honored to play with such talented and kind hearted musicians and I will never forget this experience this summer. Coming to Assisi is something I will never regret and forget, thank you for these opportunities and experiences, and a speical thank you to Greg, one the most unique individuals  I have ever met."  Sophia Zhou, high school flautist, California, 2023

"My friends have asked me much about my Assisi experiences with you. And I have told them only good things.... It was an honour for me to be welcomed into your group of great musicians (-to be), music-lovers, Italy -lovers, fun-lovers..... and very, very nice people!  Although it was also a big challenge for me to play more than just "good enough," and to try to understand your English especially in the rehearsals, and to just ignore the heat (as everybody had to), Assisi was a very fulfilling epxperience for me. Thank you for accepting me as a real non-professional player.. I am happy having got to know many of you!" Elisa Buchall, oncologist and violinist, Vienna, Austria, 2023

"It hardly seems like it has been two weeks since we departed Assisi after a wonderful music festival. The memories are still extremely vivid, and glorious. Please know how much I appreciate such a great experience. I regard the days we spend in Assisi making beautiful as the highlight of my year."


Rod Ackmann, bassoon

Professor of Bassoon,

University of Oklahoma

Principal Bassoonist,

Oklahoma City Philharmonic Orchestra

I am writing to you just to express how deeply grateful I am to have been chosen to be a part of the 2023 Assisi Music Festival. Having the opportunity to sing alongside and bond with all the amazing musicians was honestly life changing for me. It was truly magical being surrounded by such a beautiful variety of music and art each and every night. Being given the opportunity to visit and sing in so many beautiful venues was such a special experience for me. I was sad to have gotten sick so quickly and abruptly, but you taught me how to adapt to my situation and still make the most of my experience as a performer. Although some performances didn't go as planned…You were the one that comforted me and helped me understand that showmanship and the ability to improvise is one of the most important aspects of any artist. I will never forget how after our first rehearsal for the Mass everyone was packing up and I heard you and Dave jamming out on the piano playing one of my favorite jazz songs, and I couldn't resist the urge to mention my love for the song. I remember how excited I was when you two asked me to sing along, and It was such a fun experience getting to do that practically improvised performance with you guys later that night at SanPaolo. I know it may sound cheesy, but I honestly think that performance resparked something about my love of performing that I hadn't felt in a while. I'd be honored to get the chance to jam with you guys again someday, but I am forever thankful for the memories I made from this July and I will always hold them dear to my heart.  

Thank you for a wonderful & unforgettable summer. -Iolanthe D, vocal student, 2023

Almost a month has passed after our return from Assisi and I keep thinking about it. Thank you so much for the wonderful time we had at the festival. It is definitely a life changing experience for my daughter and a life event for me.  Eleena G, mother of vocal student and pianist, 2023

I’m also grateful that I was part of the festival this year. When I signed up to go I had no idea what to expect so, for me, it was fifteen days of wonderful surprises. What an extraordinary experience was created for sharing music and fellowship with like minded people. The music and times with new friends are still in my head and forever will be. Thank you again and I hope to go again when you need ‘a good church alto"!

Becky  C, 2023

Sixteen days in the medieval city of Assisi, Italy. This was an incredibly peaceful, spiritual place to spend two weeks, eating spectacular food, playing music in ancient buildings and churches, meeting so many wonderful musicians from all over the world.” Gwen H. oboe, 2023

The Assisi trip seems so far away at this point and I have been meaning to reach out.  Thank you so very much for all you did to make the experience so fulfilling and memorable for Devlyn.  Thanks also for your encouragement and guidance when we spoke on the phone in the early days before the trip.  Devlyn had an incredible time and I so appreciate how smoothly the trip went.   My only wish is that I had gone with him!  But I think this was a trip that was important for him to take on his own.  He grew in so many ways.  So thank you again.  Susan R, mother

"It's been an incredible last weeks in Italy performing with the Assisi Performing Arts Festival once again under the direction of Gregory Scime!! It was my fourth time performing with this great organization. I reunited with former colleagues and had the pleasure of performing with new friends. It was a spiritually and musically fulfilling experience. "Oswaldo Iraheta